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Warm Greetings!!!

I am, yet again, honoured in welcoming you to the third edition of our school magazine Visio(N)ext. It is with a great sense of euphoria, pride and immense satisfaction that we have been able to successfully release the third issue of our magazine.

Needless to say, this would have not been possible without the unstinting efforts of our team who have demonstrated superior team-work in making this release possible.

The world has been brought to its knees by the pandemic COVID-19 that has crippled every segment of our existence. An invisible, amorphous virus that did, and continues to make the earth tremble.

In such times of unprecedented crisis, we have to stand united in fighting this menace. We cannot be intimidated and succumb to this and the impetus right now, is to pick up from where we left off and come back stronger.

In tune with the COVID-19 protocol which is in force, this edition of the magazine will be an e-Magazine which can be accessed on our website.

In my earlier issue, I did speak of the role that education plays in the perspective of one’s life. The academics and activities mix that together provides the much needed thrust in churning out quality students which would shape theirs and, in turn, the nation’s future has never been undermined.

We have, in the last year, spent time on focusing our efforts in enhancing the capabilities of students with learning disabilities. These efforts to improve are on and this continues to be our area of focus. Some of the methods employed included preparation of activity based sheets, questionnaires for such students and have evaluated their performances based on these results.

In my further quest for academic perfection, another area which required attention was tackling children with behavioural problems. This was, by no means, an easy task. Parents were involved, counselling sessions thrown open and children were given the right to privacy which made them open up and naturally started to introspect their behavioural patterns. We do notice a

discernible change in the attitudes of these students which have been showing up in the form of better academic performance. There is a lot more work to be done in this field and we are striving towards achieving this.

This academic year posed a new challenge which was digitalization of education. The transformation from classroom to gadgetry was by no means an easy task. Diligent teachers worked hard for achieving this. The online academics did continue despite the lockdown.

As has always been our endeavour, we believe that we are there for the students who need us in their journey into the future. By lending them ‘our helping hand’ we will most certainly see the goal that we set out to achieve.

The Management, to whom we owe everything to, has been the true hall mark of professional management strategies has stood solidly by us in ensuring that we are the beneficiary of their support, understanding, cooperation and guidance

I take this opportunity to wish all our school students, teachers, the very best in their quest to seek academic perfection.




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