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Standard Division Worksheet
8th A English Pg.1
8th A English Pg.2
8th A Hindi Pg.1
8th A Hindi Pg.2
8th A Hindi Pg.3
8th A Hindi Pg.4
8th A Hindi Pg.5
8th A Hindi Pg.6

8th A Marathi Pg.1
8th A Marathi Pg.2
8th A Science
8th A History & Civics
8th A Maths
8th A Geography

8th B English Pg.1
8th B English Pg.2
8th B Maths
8th B Hindi Pg-1
8th B Hindi Pg-2
8th B Hindi Pg-3
8th B Hindi Pg-4
8th B Hindi Pg-5
8th B Hindi Pg-6
8th B Marathi Pg-1 Pg-1
8th B Marathi Pg-2
8th B Science
8th B Geography

8th B History and Civics

8th C English Pg-1
8th C English Pg-2
8th C Hindi Pg-1
8th C Hindi Pg-2
8th C Hindi Pg-3
8th C Hindi Pg-4
8th C Hindi Pg-5
8th C Hindi Pg-6
8th C Science
8th C History&Civics
8th C Maths
8th C Geography
8th C Marathi Pg-1
8th C Marathi Pg-2


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Happy Diwali to all of you!


Happy Diwali to all of you!! This year the festival will be special, filled with warmth, celebrated with close family and, mostly, at home.
Happy Diwali!!

My Dear Students,
On the occasion of Children’s day, may the light of education happiness, and prosperity shine bright.Put your best foot forward for a greater tomorrow …. Happy Children’s Day!!!
God Bless!!


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  • Safe Diwali
  • Adhar Camp
  • Shibir
  • 1st Semester Examination

Happy Children’s Day


Wishing you a Happy Children’s Day. May your Dreams come true.

Best Regards from Teachers, non teaching staff and Principal-BPM School.

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